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The Plot to Save the Planet is an illuminating and inspiring look at the “conspiracy” to make green technology the Silicon Valley of the twenty-first century. How is this new frontier being shaped? Brian Dumaine is your guide in this intriguing look into the very near future. You’ll read about:

• The savvy investors: Why Warren Buffett is investing heavily in wind power, and why John Doerr, the venture capitalist and early backer of Google, is saying that “green tech is bigger than the Internet and could be the biggest economic opportunity of the twenty-first century.”

• The cars of the future: The competitively priced plug-in hybrids that will get 60 miles to the gallon, and the battle being waged by fifteen start-ups competing to capture the electric car market.

• The fuels without fossils: New sources of energy from plants that could capture a big chunk of the $300 billion U.S. wholesale gasoline market.

• The corporate mavericks: Companies such as Duke Energy and GE, who are creating the low-carbon business models of the future, as well as cleaner ways to provide our power needs.

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